Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Feedback for Grace

Overall, Level of finish is above average
of the class. However drawing can be improved. Some design decisions are weak and random.

1. She feels like she is standing on different plain. Change her feet to be flatten little bit to match perspective of 2 other characters.
Her dress can be detailed better. Shoulder straps are not necessary.

2. Can't tell if this person is male or female.
Right arm is too short and incorrect anatomically.
Folds on jacket are not making sense.
Remove blue pieces on upper legs. Not sure what it is. Too random.
Increase gap between upper legs and fake legs. To make it easy to read.

3. Loose bandage, that's too random. It becomes too much focus.
Right arm is hidden.
Show weapon more clearly visible by moving it to front little bit.

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