Monday, September 26, 2016

Hey class, I'm not feeling well today, I'm a bit dehydrated from the heat we had yesterday. Lethargic and feverish. But I've looked over the work that's posted thus far and it looks good, ill be drawing over some today, making small corrections and adjustments, and by tomorrow night I'm going to post to the blog what I will be covering for the next two weeks. It will include homework so be ready. It will be extremely straight forward and REALLY help you guys figure out lighting and shading, value and where to place hi lights over a variety of forms. It'll be fun. It'll branch off the conversation last week with the elipse template guide to help us figure out space and dimension. You'll love it!! I should be posting it by tomorrow night so remember to look for it. Tonight if I feel better but tomorrow night at the latest. Sorry, everybody. The heat destroyed me yesterday. Don't make the same mistake, stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, namely water and stay cool!

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