Friday, December 9, 2016


Me and Cecil will be meeting for final crit in
The regular room on the 5th floor.

You will be posting what Cecil instructs you to print as well as what
I have outlined.

*All character work

Printed on 8.5X11
Landscape view.

Both assignments with all characters developed over the semester.
2 prints in total.

Make use of the page space, dont print them extra tiny with lots of negative space around it.

A piece of advice regarding printing.
Local printers are everywhere.
Make arrangements with kinkos or one of the smaller print labs.
If you managed your time wisely, you have the weekend and the beginning of monday
to make arrangements.
Dont leave until you get the print you want.

If you plan to print on regular cheap paper,
I would strongly advise you take great appreciation in your work and how others
view it and experience your hard work and effort.
Dont let the details be muddied away by a bad print.

If you dont care, why should I.

Presentation is part of
your job amd responsibility.
Its not just about your grade,
We will discuss this more on monday.


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