Saturday, December 10, 2016


2 prints
Class starts at 5:00

3 characters on one
4 on the other.

Survivor story.
Evolution story.

If youve already spent a good amount of time on your characters,
A "polish" only takes a few minutes to an hour.

It took me two hours roughly to paint one In class, if i wasnt talking and doing side demos, half that time..
It took me an hour to polish the three

Show off.
Show myself and cecil what youve picked up from us.
Show yourselves.

**small tip**

Time management:
If you have class on monday, and a week full of classes to do.
Its always wiser to start on whats due first thing.

So, if i have classes m-f,
And its already saturday, my monday homework is the FIRST thing i dig into.
Then tuesdays.. Then wed..

give yourselves wiggle room.
Prioritize your work load.

Think smarter not harder.
Time yourselves and give yourselves limits as to how much time youll
allocate towards each assignment due.

Its appealing to start the EASIEST thing,
But best to knock out whats due in the order given to allow optimal time
for the following class assignments due.

These are finals.
Its not supposed to be easy. Its supposed to challenge you and demand solid time investment.
12-30 hours at least. 1 day and a half.

I drew all 14 weeks for you guys
42 hours worth of drawing.
I gave you Very little homework.

Demonstrate to me know you were watching and learning.

And HAVE FUN!!!!!

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