Monday, October 24, 2016

Candace Choi: 40 Character Silhouettes & Revision

Villain Revised (October 25)

After generations of earthquakes and volcano ashes covering the earth, Earth's axis tilted to the point major parts of the planet is covered in ice. The world is cruel, and only the best hunters survived or those who took refuge underground. Those above the ground have developed characteristics that help them to hunt better and defend themselves from both the cold and savage beasts. Humans have become shorter where an average adult's height is 5 feet and 5 inches. They have developed more fat in their bodies, longer and straight hair, and hairy limbs to combat the harsh cold. Some people even have stronger and claw like hands to dig into the snow for a quick shelter and to fight prey. Additionally, an assortment of individuals have longer legs to have more endurance for walking for better endurance or to escape savage beasts faster. People who live underground cities, however, did not develop any of these characteristics have to depend on each other and technology to survive.

This story follows two best friends who lived in the harsh snow and one is taken underground so that the people in those cities can hopefully have stronger humans. Eventually, she escapes and finds her friend, but he does not recognize her strange and chilling appearance. The girl goes mad, feeling overly abandoned and sets off to destroy the underground for ruining her life. The boy and two companions make it their sole goal to stop the girl and save both the underground and overground.

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