Monday, October 24, 2016

Hyunji Park _40 Silhouettes

There is a plant scientist who lost his mind over plants. He became too obsessed about the plants. He was very upset and saddened because people were not appreciating the plants enough to take care of them. He hated how everyday the plants were not taken care of and were sometimes mistreated. He thought that everything had to relate in someway the plants and he considered plants to be the most beautiful thing in the world. So he created a virus that turned human into a part of plants. The human that had the virus would be half human and half plant. He decided to test on his daughter since he was crazy over plants and considered plants the most beautiful thing in the world. His daughter had become a mutant. She became different than other people who had the virus. Other people just changed to  have stiff stems and had leaves growing all over them. They became partial plant forms. Instead of turning into partial plant forms, the daughter had the ability to control plants. She had special powers in controlling the plants. His oldest son ran away when he was sixteen, because he couldn’t deal with his father’s obsession over plants. The son became a cop. When he found out that his crazy dad was changing the daughter and people into mutants he decided he needed to arrest his father and save his sister. His daughter’s classmate was also helping the brother stop the dad from spreading the virus.

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