Monday, October 31, 2016

Hyunji Park

Few hundred years later, the Earth became so polluted that the air was getting unbearable for humans to breathe in. The worst part of the polluted airs were in the cities. Disposals and waste were the reason why the cities were more polluted than the mountain areas. Some people living in the cities were turning into mutants, because of the polluted air. They were getting cracked, hardened skins and the their tongues were getting stiffer by the day and they were having a hard time communicating. Their eyes were turning red, because of the irritation caused by the air.

However, people living in the temples located in the mountain areas were turning into mutants as well because the air travels but they started growing wings and their eye sights were getting better by the day. The bodies were changing to escape the polluted airs. However, special plants that were keeping them from turning into monsters. They were very religious people and they had a very pure heart. Only a few selected were allowed to live in the temple.   The temple people heard the news that city people were turning into monsters so they flew down with fresh plants that can clean the oxygen. The city mutant villains were unhappy that there was a way to stop people from turning into monsters so they tried to stop them by killing the temple people. There was two soldiers who are trying to protect the temple people. One was from the temple and one was from the city. 
he is a guardian of the temple. She was raised as a guardian of the temple. She has very pure heart, she is strong, and is very courageous.
He is from city who used to be a soldier. He is very helpful and has hero mind. He can’t stand people from suffering. He is a well trained soldier.

 He grew up in temple and he has a lot of knowledge about plants. He found out about the special plant that can stop the city people from turning into monsters. He is very smart but he can’t really fight.

He is a villain. He used to be very corrupted and love terrorizing the city. He was greed and loved people suffering. He wants everyone to turn into monsters.

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