Monday, October 24, 2016


Technology is actually a parasitic life form floating through space and using the biology of earth as its host.  Organisms of the earth have begun to evolve into technological hybrids with several evolutions: nanotechnology that heals them and keeps them in optimal physical condition, infinite knowledge due to being part of a physical manifestation of the cosmic conscious, and the ability to wield a form of condensed information that appears similar to electricity.  These ‘Techs’ aren't alone, however, there are a small population of ‘normies’ or pure blood humans.  The capacity for love and instinctual drive to reproduce are the defining characteristics of these now ancient people.

This story follows two normies who are passionately involved in trying to keep their species alive, their hybrid accomplice who has evolved an empathy beyond that of the other techs and who wants to help them reach the core city where the only fully organic population resides, and a powerful and seemingly evil tech who seeks to colonize the entirety of the universe.

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