Monday, October 24, 2016

Grace Kanchana Week 9

Story (Wip)
e. With the sea levels rising, many coastal habitats were left to ruin as the ocean has taken over. Seawater reaches further inland causing destruction from flooding, erosion, and soil ruin. The victims of the monstrosity were the many different species of animals and plants has lost their homes to this calamity, an example of one ecosystem were the mangroves that flourished in the tropics.
Humans eventually learn to adapt to the water in many different parts of the world, coming to terms with the fact that the land they once lived in will never surface ever again. There were many who found the water as a form of comfort and as they spent more time in the water their bodies began to change. The average human form begins to change drastically as some had developed large lungs, webbed hands and feet,gills; becoming more aquatic like.
Yamandu, a young prince in one of the indigenous tribes living in the mangrove forests of the Amazon, was one of the humans that had mutated from the anomaly. He was one of the few to survive the dramatic change and eventually had a genetic change, looking like the many fishes that inhabited the amazonian waters. Determined to know how his world has changed from the calamity, he teams up with his childhood friend Yara, whom survived and didn't mutate, and an environmental researcher who is determined to know the secret to this genetic mutation, the three are hoping to find out how this had all happened.

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